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Comprehensive and convenient – without compromise.

Manage your media relations, media monitoring, and reporting efforts with our comprehensive, easy-to-use PR software, BurrellesLuce MYNEWSDASH. In MYNEWSDASH, you can report on your online media monitoring, print media press clippings, broadcast monitoring, and social media monitoring in one report; research and engage journalists and bloggers in our media contacts database; and plan your future public relations campaigns.

Our media relations software provides the tools to help you organize and manage all aspects of your public relations media efforts.

A subscription to BurrellesLuce MYNEWSDASH includes:

The most comprehensive media monitoring solution delivered using our easy-to-use PR software.

We monitor printed and online sources including proprietary copyright-compliant outlets only available through MYNEWSDASH. You work together with your assigned specialist to set your benchmarks and customize your monitoring parameters. BurrellesLuce offers human verified or algorithm search results based on your needs and budget. The only place you have real options, including the ability to only receive the most targeted and relevant results to your business and your goals, is with BurrellesLuce. Learn more about BurrellesLuce Media Monitoring.

Automated media measurement and reporting

Organize your media monitoring coverage and report on your results with pre-set templates in C-suite-friendly formats. You can also create your own report, choosing relevant metadata that drives your organization’s PR goals. Discover all the benefits of BurrellesLuce Automated Reporting.

Media Outreach

Our media outreach solution, powered by Agility PR Solutions gives you a digital directory for media list building and press release distribution. You have access to an immense database of 850,000+ print, online, and broadcast journalists, influencers, bloggers and analysts.

Discover Media Outreach.

BurrellesLuce WorkFlow Basic:

Service Sources Review Delivery
Comprehensive Print and Online Print and online editions of newspapers, magazines, and trade journals Human-verified BurrellesLuce MYNEWSDASH as clips become available

Automated Media Reporting®

All your coverage, including web, blog, print, and broadcast Automated metrics User-defined, BurrellesLuce MYNEWSDASH
(advanced media outreach)
Online and print journalists and bloggers


BurrellesLuce MYNEWSDASH

Media Contacts
(basic outreach)
Traditional online and print journalists User-defined; "traffic-light" updating BurrellesLuce MYNEWSDASH exported as either PDF or Excel

 *powered by Engage121, Inc.

MYNEWSDASH Optional Modules

Whether you need a self-guided media monitoring tool to conduct research or integrated social media monitoring tool, MYNEWSDASH media relations software is your single-source solution.

Upgrade your BurrellesLuce subscription with any of these add-ons:

Express print and/or Express Web

Manage your coverage and executive reporting with early-morning delivery from major daily publications and web sources with Express Print or Express Web.

  • Top-tier curated content  arrives to your MYNEWSDASH starting at 5 am EST
  • Content from online sources post to MYNEWSDASH in the early morning and throughout the day
  • Full text and accompanying images are included with our verified service
  • All Express print coverage is human verified
  • Clients can choose between verified or unverified web monitoring

Find out more about Express®.

BurrellesLuce iMonitor

Go beyond the scope of your curated content with our self-guided media monitoring service. The BurrellesLuce iMonitor module is your ideal PR software solution and research tool, allowing customized ad-hoc and saved searches of online content for a flat fee. Discover self-guided media monitoring.


MYNEWSDASH Module Upgrades at a Glance:

Service Sources Review Delivery
Express Print Top-tier publications Human-verified Starting at 3 a.m. to BurrellesLuce MYNEWSDASH

Express Web

Web sources Human-verified Throughout the day to BurrellesLuce MYNEWSDASH
BurrellesLuce iMonitor* Web sources, including news sites, blogs, social media, and global sources

Self-guided online media tracking

BurrellesLuce MYNEWSDASH

Social Media Monitoring Online Social Media User-defined

BurrellesLuce MYNEWSDASH

 *BurrellesLuce iMonitor® does not include Express® media monitoring, a service that provides early-morning delivery of top-tier publications.



Additional PR Support

BurrellesLuce offers a variety of additional media relations software and services to support your team’s public relations efforts

Custom Media Measurement

Move beyond automation and tailor your PR reporting and media measurement programs to fit your specific business objectives. BurrellesLuce provides quantitative and qualitative custom media measurement to help you spot trends, identify insights, and demonstrate your results to the C-suite. Find out how to integrate custom measurement into your MYNEWSDASH.

BurrellesLuce Executive Briefing

Have your early morning C-suite report prepared for you. BurrellesLuce Executive Briefing provides coverage curated to your parameters that tracks your organization, competition, industry, or other specifications you set to provide daily insight of the media landscape. Early morning delivery means you can set your public relations strategies to start or stay ahead of the conversation.   Discover the other benefits of Executive Briefing.

BurrellesLuce Morning Broadcast Synopsis

Enhance your broadcast monitoring with a daily email synopsis of the three major network morning shows. The synopsis includes summaries of morning shows from ABC, CBS, and NBC and providing programming. See how Morning Broadcast Synopsis complements your other monitoring options.

Additional PR Support at a Glance:

Service Sources Review Delivery
Custom Media Measurement All your coverage, including web, blog, print, and broadcast Human-analyzed, custom metrics. Optional executive-level reports providing expert objective commentary Weekly, monthly, quarterly, or other frequency. Word or Excel. PowerPoint Charts. Executive-level reports: Word document with PowerPoint charts.

BurrellesLuce Executive Briefing

Web and print coverage Human-verified To your email box or PDA at the hour in the morning you specify
BurrellesLuce Morning Broadcast Synopsis Morning network shows from ABC, CBS, and NBC


To your email box or PDA at the hour in the morning you specify